Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the programme

    2. Introduction - Why Project Manage Research

    1. Project definition overview

    2. Research project definition worksheet

    3. Defining research project success

    4. Understanding the research project context

    5. Ensuring alignment to research funders

    6. Working with your key project stakedholders

    7. Setting up the research project governance

    8. Research project scope definition

    1. Research project planning overview

    2. Research project planning worksheet

    3. Developing the work breakdown structure

    4. Using project management software to develop a project schedule

    5. Developing the research project budget

    6. Research project risk management planning

    1. Project Implementation overview

    2. Project execution worksheet

    3. Managing progress reporting and change

    4. Digital tools to support project implementation

    5. Effective delegation

    6. Motivating the research team

    7. Managing project issues

    1. Effective research project close out

    1. What happens now?

    2. More resources for you

    3. Before you go please provide some feedback

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